ACH 2019 whitepaper for DH-WoGeM

 ·   7 min read

This white paper is built on the discussions of the DH-WoGeM working group, which focuses on issues of concern to women and gender minorities. This document is meant to serve as a...

DH Scholarship from the Viewpoint of Women and Gender Minorities

 ·   4 min read

If you identify as a woman and gender minority working in DH anywhere in the world, you are invited to contribute to a collection of “love letters” to works of DH scholarship,...

April 5: Disability

 ·   4 min read

Tassie Gniady hosted the third DH-WOGEM conversation on April 5th on physical and mental disability.

March 1: Happiness vs. Security

 ·   6 min read

Jennifer Guiliano and Roopika Risam hosted the second DH-WOGEM conversation on March 1, 2019 on happiness vs. security.

What can you talk about in a DH-WOGEM conversation?

 ·   3 min read

The first DH-WOGEM conversation, on becoming a parent in DH, was held on February 1st, setting a precedent for honest, supportive discussions about the things we usually don’t talk about.

Becoming a Parent

 ·   1 min read

Quinn Dombrowski will host the first DH-WOGEM conversation on February 1, 2019 from 9-10:30 Pacific (11-12:30 Central, 12-1:30 Eastern) via this Zoom link, on experiences with pregnancy, maternity leave, and going back...